Western North Carolina's newest Premier Salon and Spa Suites
Located in Franklin, North Carolina. 

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Salon & Spa Suites
Promenade 1      
Salon Name Stylist Contact: Suite Number
Priscilla "Z" Priscilla Young 828-421-4644 Suite 1
Suzy Pippio Suzy Pippio 828-421-2681 Suite 2
Illusions Ericka Washington 828-371-1942 Suite 3
Just Teasin' Stephanie Gleaner 828-200-9818 Suite 4
Hair, Heart & Soul Linda Allen 828-371-1122 Suite 5
Polish (A Nail Salon) Tina & Sandy Tran 828-342-1544 Suite 6
Promenade 2      
Salon Name Stylist Contact: Suite Number
Spa Siobhan Barb Williams - Esthetician 828-349-4338 Suite 7
Apex Isaac Moss 828-508-5286 Suite 9
Hair Strands Rebecca Jenkins
Kellie Marks
Suite 10
Salon Salon Debbie Janes 828-380-0116 Suite 11
Nailz Nailz Debra Joye 828-371-1850 Suite 12
Elite Laser Cheryl Talley- Esthetician 828-371-0448 Suite 14A
Image Maker Debbie Miller 828-371-2622 Suite 14B


All of our Suites are currently occupied.
However if you would like to place your name on a waiting list...
Please call Jeff or Michaelle Runken at

A few of our current Salon Suite Owners